[Advaita-l] Removal of Fear

murali mohan murali_mohan at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 22:30:59 CST 2005

  Dear all,
  Very many thanks for some really enlightening responses to my doubt. It does provide me a better insight into the workings of maya and science. 
  One another insight I get about this is :  a complete ignorant fool and an enlightened person would look very similar externally - both totally fearless and spontaneous in action. But internally there is a world of difference. They are like extreme points of a circle - looks closest to each other, almost same, from outside,  but in fact they are furthest from each other.  So what science may be achieving here maybe to tinker/tamper with natural chemistry of a person (born out of past karma) and produce automatons who may behave in a predetermined fashion but are no more self-aware than a robot.  Question is then how does these tampered beings complete their karma cycle ??!!
  Demons of the past (and present) also have no fear becoz of their extreme arrogance and ignorance. So fearlessness and other such qualities can arise out of different reasons. So maybe it is true that all these qualities are again just states of the mind and still within maya and has nothing to do with our true self. 
  Slightly deviating from the advaitic aspect of it, I think tampering with natural chemistry that affects the mind (like cloning, gene manipulation etc) should be made a criminal offence as it can produce highly dangerous demon like persons who can create chaos in this physical world. Imagine a fearless guy with evil tendencies let loose among society. He will stop at nothing. As one scholar recently said, Krishna enacted mahabharatha war when technology such as unnatural child creation (kauravas were testtube babies sort of and pandavas were also created unnaturally) and weapons of mass destruction (brahmastras) were in vogue,  in order to eliminate such dangerous technologies from the minds of people. But now again these technologies are reigning supreme so maybe another mahabharatha of mass elimination might be reqd to bring things back to normalcy !! 
  Although all this is within the realms of maya and nothing to do with the self per se, one cannot not afford to think about these aspects of the material world becoz, as Budha says, one cannot live in isolation and enjoy a realized state when all sentient beings are interlinked in progress and are suffering.  (in this aspect another question comes to mind: Is realisation of each preson totally independent of the state of other beings? If so what about universal mind, inter-dependency etc etc? )
  Any thoughts on these ramblings please.


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