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Siddharthaji - PraNAms

Thanks for your e-mail.  I am in the process of packing and leaving to
states in few hours. I will try to address the issues you have raised
after I reach there and establish new internet connections.  I am
afraied It would take some time before I can respond.  Appreciate your

Hari Om!

--- Siddhartha Annapureddy <annapureddy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Shree Sadanandji,
>           I had a few questions on the Mandukya Karika series that you
> have been presenting.
> -- Up until now, you said that all knowledge is only attributive
> (conjured by our mind for
> daily transactions), and that the substantive reality behind it is
> Brahman. So, what does it
> mean to say that someone attains Moksha? What is the concept of
> liberation in this theory? Is it not the case that the human mind
> perceives Brahman (vide Brihadaranyaka 4.4.19)? Are you saying that
> the mind is capable of perceiving only the attributive reality?
> -- What is the status of animals in Advaita? Is it that the humans
> alone have
> the mind to perceive Brahman, and hence animals cannot attain moksha?
> But if it is not the mind that perceives Brahman, then why are the
> animals unfit for Moksha? Why the acceptance of human birth as a
> pre-requisite for liberation?
> -- How also is this theory different from VishishthAdvaita? You did
> mention your disinterest
> in arguing over these doctrinal differences (and I understand that),
> but I just wanted to know how the two positions differ, more so to
> validate my own understanding of these theories. VishishthAdvaita also
> seems to claim that an object can only be identified through its
> attributes (the human mind is limited in this respect), that the human
> mind cannot think of an object apart from its attributes, and that
> when someone attains liberation, He can see this entire world as
> Brahman with the Jivas and the Jadas as Its attributes. Please do let
> me know if something's amiss.
> Thanks.
> A.Siddhartha.
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