[Advaita-l] Existence as Brahman

sriram srirudra at md3.vsnl.net.in
Mon Apr 3 11:45:45 CDT 2006

Dear Members
Existence includes both inert and live matters/objects.Live matters/beings have all consciousness that they exist.But inert matters/objects exist but donot know that they exist.This existence is true as far as living/conscious beings.That is to say living beings recognise their existence as well as the existence of inert objects.So consciousness is a fundamental one which drives living beings to seek the Truth about their existence.Brain is the seat for consciousness.However small/minute a living organism it has its own nervous system and brain.Those who have read Ayan Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' would have noticed that she also talks about existence and consciousness.But does not accept the third concept faith as she believed that every thing should be logically explained.As per our Vedas Brahman exists.We have faith in our Vedas.So existence and consciousness both are Brahman.We can call this as Shiva Sakthi ikyam.In Lalitha Sahasranamam there is a namavali-Shiva Sakthyaikya Rupinyai nama:
About Maya it is due to our Avidya only.Our Value system is an example of how maya works.There is no maya as such but it is only in our thinking.We know for certain that we are wrong but still cling to our pursuits for the sheer heck of it.These are in totality can be called maya.If one thinks without ego he will find what are all maya situations yet willingly surrenders to them and later repents.He will say Kamo karshit ,Manyura Karshit ! That is only Anger did it,only Desire did it.

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