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Ger I appreciated your understanding few days back on your talk on Maya and I again do the same. Vedas (literally wisdom) are not about reading any books and scriptures and the only greatest thing that this tradition holds till now after all these debates on unnecessary issues (might be imporant for many but not for those who have no concern with such ticklings from such debates) and that is Vedas are inside (external is only a dull reflection, very pale and often thwarted and distorted at times...). The goal is to reach the ocean inside, and it only comes after transcending all these phases and establishing in an understanding that is unmoved, which doesn't need any other authority to approve or disapprove it. Mind needs that, its dissolution doesn't. There is such an abyss inside and where things go and from where they emerge, it is undescribable....what need of such debates....
           I definitely appreciate the power that west has shown to the world, in terms of women freedom and liberty (and also many other things). Well needless to say everything has its pros and cons but a whole lot of mental transformation occurs after seeing both east and west. East has a whole lot to learn from west as do west from east.. (east and west in their conventional usage...)
  There is nothing like this (--women) in this tradition (where wisdom is the goal)... males for satisfying their own interests, ego or maybe to keep them away for their own weaknesses or maybe something else have created many things that are unacceptable in the realms of wisdom (Veda - Vid - Wisdom)...infact this wisdom word is supposed to have its origin from Veda (Vid)

Ger Koekkoek <gerkoekkoek at wanadoo.nl> wrote:
  A few days ago I wrote that in the ideas around Maya (and the Supreme Truth 
or Brahman) there is a pearl in your tradition. It would be a good thing 
when somewhere in future this ideas will become the centre of science in the 
way the number 0 became the worldwide centre of all mathematics. (This 
number was an Indian idea also.) Here you have an important thing to do that 
even could save the world from a too early selfdistruction!
(Without a philosophy that is at one hand strong and firm and at the other 
hand is open, free and completely transcendental, and above all, is also 
true, the world goes down in all kinds of different ideas and all kinds of 
wildgroing sorts of agression. Science until now was very succesfull in many 
ways, but for this problem it has no answer at all!)
But when I read in this mailbox about women and tradition, well, there you 
can learn something from the west. Many of the best talks I had about 
adwaita was with a woman with a very sharp intelligence and a very awake 
alertness, and a very good heart. And that are the qualities that are 
needed, it has nothing to do with gender. And if your tradition sais 
something different in this matter, well, this time your tradition is wrong!
With greetings,

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