[Advaita-l] happy rAma navamI !!

Amuthan aparyap at yahoo.co.in
Fri Apr 7 07:24:00 CDT 2006

namo.astu rAmAya salakShmaNAya devyai cha tasyai

dear list members,

i wish you all a very happy shrI rAma navamI. it is
impossible to describe completely the ananta kalyANa
guNAs of shrI rAma and i'm not going to venture into
that task here. shrImadrAmAyaNa, fittingly known as
the sharaNAgati veda, abounds with so many lovely
incidents and so many wonderful personalities that
makes one wonder if a lifetime is sufficient to fully
appreciate it. 

a very simple meaning of 'rAma' is 'ramayati-iti
rAmaH' - 'rAma is He who delights (us)'. to get a more
detailed meaning, let us look at what bhagavatpAda
says in His nAmasahasra bhAShya, 

1A. 'nityAnandalakShaNe.asmin yogino ramanta iti

1B. "ramante yogino.anante nityAnande chidAtmani.
     iti rAmapadenaitatparaM brahmAbhidhIyate.." 
iti padmapurANe. 

2. svechChayA ramaNIyaM vapurvahan vA dAsharathI

1A. since the yogIs take delight in Him, who is
infinite and eternal bliss, He is (known as) rAma.

1B. it is said in the padmapurANa that 'the word
'rAma' stands for the supreme, infinite and eternal
brahman, the conscious self in which the yogIs revel.

2. or, rAma denotes the son of dasharatha who took
that (exceedingly) beautiful form by His own wish.

though vedAntin-s may prefer the first definition,
rAma bhakta-s, even if they are vedAntin-s, will
unanimously prefer only the second one :)  no wonder
bhagavAn vAlmIki makes it a point to stress again and
again throughout the rAmAyaNa that shrI rAma is
'sadaikapriyadarshanaH' - 'one who is *always* a
delight to watch'. 

rAmAtparaM kimapi tattvamahaM na jAne!

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