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namo.astu rAmAya salakShmaNAya devyai cha tasmai

dear Aditya,

--- Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> I somehow always get this feeling that SivAvatArAh
> do for the "mind",
> viSnu avatArAh do for the "heart"

shrI rAmakRShNa paramahaMsa used to say, 'a man born
with an element of shiva becomes a j~nAni; his mind is
always inclined to the feeling that the world is
unreal and brahman alone is real. but when a man is
born with an element of viShNu he develops ecstatic
love of god.'

though this statement is with respect to jIvAtmAs, i
guess we can do some sensible extrapolation to arrive
at your statement. interestingly, shrI rAmakRSHNa
paramahaMsa, who is supposed to be an avatAra of
viShNu, preferred bhakti to j~nAna. for instance, have
a look at the following conversation,

\\begin quote

A Devotee: "Does this 'I' of the devotee never
disappear altogether?" 
Master: "Yes, it disappears at times. Then one attains
the Knowledge of Brahman and goes into samadhi. I too
lose it, but not for all the time. I pray to the
Divine Mother, **'O Mother, do not give me
Brahmajnana.'** Formerly believers in God with form
used to visit me a great deal. Then the modern
Brahmajnanis [believers in formless Brahman] began to
arrive. During that period I used to remain
unconscious in samadhi most of the time. Whenever I
regained consciousness, I would say to the Divine
Mother, **'O Mother, please don't give me
Brahmajnana.'** "

\\end quote

on the other hand, we have the case of bhagavAn ramaNa
maharShi, who was supposedly dakShiNAmUrti's
incarnation, sticking on to brahma j~nAna so firmly
that more often than not, only silence prevailed in
his vicinity. 

j~nAnI-s and premI-s are a strange lot. both of them
cannot be understood with our intellect. we have to
become one of them if we ever want to understand them

rAma rAma!

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