[Advaita-l] Re: Women and Vedas

Sanjay Srivastava sksrivastava68 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 16:31:49 CDT 2006

Sri Hemang wrote:

In mathematics, A Pramana could be equated to a Theory(or a corollary) and
> it defenitely needs proof, comprehensible by the human mind-intellect.

pramANa is a means of knowledge which is its own authority. It does not
require any further proof. If a pramANa required proof, what will be the
proof of that proof? It will lead to an infinite regress or anavastha dosha.

pratyaksha, anumAna and shabda are three pramANa-s that are accepted by all
the three schools of vedanta.  arthApatti and anupalabdhi are not considered
pramAna by dvaita school.

A defectless knowledge gained by the sense organs is called pratyaksha
A defectless knowledge gained through flawless reasoning is called anumAna
A defectless knowledge gained through shruti is called shabda pramANa.

The sense data reported by a defectless eye are considered true by their own
authority. We do not need a separate proof that the sense data thus gathered
somehow correspond to some reality.

Flawless reasoning is also considered true by its own authority. We do not
need a separate proof to establish the validity of reasoning.

Similarly, shruti is also considered true by its own authority. If it is a
pramANa, there cannot be any proof to establish its truth other than its own
words. For comparison in mathematics, you can compare its pramANa status to
an axiom, which can neither be proved nor disproved.

> Would be good to hear from anyone in this group, who has through direct
experience learnt > that the Vedas shouldn't be recited because of one's
gender in fact if there is a woman who > says, she has had problems  after
chanting the vedas, it would be great concurrence to this > view. Are there
modern/ancient medical researchers who have concurred to this view.
shruti is a praMAna in its own sphere of dominance viz. dharma and moksha --
not in the field of medical science. Physical problems during or after
chanting are irrelevant issues. The only relevant issue here is the demerit
accrued by going against the shAstra. If someone can prove that
transgression of restrictions on vedic chanting does not lead to accrual of
some demerit either in this janma or in any other subsequent janma, then it
is a strong case for removing those restrictions. Else not.


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