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How about:
  PramANa :  Evidence
  Sva PramANa: Axiom
  and in certain contexts might be interchangeably used somewhere in texts........the idea is to get the spirit behind....
  Patanjali has used pramANa in his yoga sutras..there he talks about sources of pramANa .... that pramANa that becomes Sva PramANa as in the case of an Agama or an authority who stands for the highest truths from their own experiences (sri ramakrishna/ ramana maharshi) they are Sva PramANa...they don't need any other evidence..they becomes axioms.....
  As the kundalini arises and reaches the crown....so does any pramANa rises from all and reaches Sva PramANa...mind reaches - no mind.... evidence reaches axiom....
  Words have their own bondage: always coming out of this net thrown by each and everything is the freedom...

Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at gmail.com> wrote:
  Since we are throwing in words,

I think the closest english word for pramANa is "evidence", sometimes
it is also used for "proof". That's how we learnt it in Hindi atleast,
our IDs were called "pramANa patra"s

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