[Advaita-l] RE: Fwd: RE: "Bhagavad Gita" - ALL 20 Chapter Downloads (Ram Garib)

V. Rajan varvenk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 15:00:50 CDT 2006

I would not tend to agre with that perception, given that what ISKCON
purports if that it is the real religion, not Hinduism. Considering
that it would be wrong to say ISKCON is a sub sect of hinduism. People
are not against Gaudiya Sampradaya. They are against the brand of
stupidity known as ISKCON.
I hope I am not breaking any rules by making these statements. But yes
I have been with a lot of ISKCON devotees, the good points to take
from them is their dedication, selflessness etc.
But on the other side the inability to see any other viewpoint, their
fanaticism at time, are definitely vices that need to be seen in the
context of evaluating their philosophy.
Also hardcore ISKCONites refute the vedas, and use the Srimad
Bhagvatam/BG as written by ACBSP  and other books like Chaitanya
Charitamrita. The bonafide spiritual master claim is also rather
false, as all Advaitins can trace their guru sampradaya to Adi
Shankara, and through Adi Shankara, to Bhagwaan himself.
My 4 cents of stupidity.

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