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> It speaks of the triple Vedas.  I always understood
> this to mean that it 
> contains three types of mantra, Rk (poetry,) Yajus
> (prose,) and Saman 
> (song) As the atharvaveda also consists of rks it
> would not have to be 
> listed seperately.

Tradition holds that veda was one in satyuga and was
known as mula-veda. See Acharya Madhwa's bhashya on
atharvana upanishad(1.3) below:

 "mUlaveda iti hyAkhyA kAle kR^itayuge tadA"

In the treta-yuga, Lord in the form of
Hayagriva divided the mUla-veda based on poetry,
prose and svara/music -- Rik, Nigada and sAma. I
believe this is the explanation generally given about
mention of trayi-vidya in scriptures.

In dvapara, Lord in the form of veda vyasa is supposed
to have extracted a few rik-s from rig Veda, yajus
from the Nigada, and sAma from sAmaveda. However, here
also I have not seen atharvana mentioned seaparately.

If atharvaNangirasau is taken as a school of veda,
then how do we explain angiras' quarrel with upholders
of trayi vidya, since presumably, everything would
have been covered in rik, nigada and sama. Isn't it?

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Ram Garib

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