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The ultimate motive of any religion and for that matter Vedas is mukthi.
If the mukthi has to be attained all the attachments have to be
nullified. We all know this. 

In case of females the embryo is growing in the womb and it becomes part
and parcel of the mother’s body. So, their attachment towards their
children is much stronger than males. 

Though fathers also feel attachment towards the children it is not as
strong as the mother. This also we all know. If we ask a person to cut
his hair or nail he can do it immediately. Suppose if we ask him to cut
his less useful little finger or toe, no one will do it. Because, it is
part and parcel of a person’s body. For a spiritually advanced male the
worldly attachments are similar to his attachment to hairs and nails,
which he can abandon any time. Whereas for the females, though they are
highly spiritual, their attachment towards their children is similar to
their own flesh. It is very hard to abandon. There is nothing wrong in
it. The God has created in such a way that then only at least one person
will bring up the child with utmost care and protection. So, initiating
them into a spiritual system, which will ask them to abandon their very
intimate attachment is harmful. 

So, it is not that females are inferior or unfit to learn Vedas. It is
done sympathetically considering them superior in their role. Suppose if
a person is more burdened with heavy works, we will ask the less
burdened person to do additional work. So, males are less burdened
comparatively with the so-called attachments. 

There are exceptions to this and there are many females abandoned their
attachments and attained mukthi. But, just because there are exceptions
the rule cannot be imposed on every female. It is highly unfair to ask
them to do so. If Vedas says it is final. Then the females will be
jammed in between that they either could not detach themselves from the
children or they could not do as per Vedas. The majority will fall into
the attachment towards children. So, it is better to advice them not to
read Veda and take the path of bakthi and those who are highly inclined
towards spirituality, they can divert their emotions from the children
towards God. 


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On 4/24/06, Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com> wrote:
> It is an open-and-shut case.  The problem is some people are arguing a

> different case.  There is also no need for debate when we can't agree 
> what we're debating!  In any case, the point Manish was making was 
> adressed in the very first reply.  I don't feel the need to restate it

> when there are other more interesting topics to discuss.

The case of WHAT the tradition says about something like recitation of
the vedas by women was solved as soon as the relevent scriptures became
accepted into the traditional canon. The case of WHY the tradition is
what it is, was never a solved case. And I don't see it being solved for
a long time, longer if we refuse to discuss it.

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