[Advaita-l] Maa anandamayii

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Fri Apr 28 08:57:53 CDT 2006

Sri Sylvain wrote:

> 1. ... what Maa Anandamayii means beside advaita or dvaita ?

maa=mother;    ananda=happiness, bliss;      mayi=full of

2. Is she recognized by (all) advaitins as avatara ?

She was recognized as mukta by many advaitins and dvaitins alike. Notables
among them were: Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan (advaita), Shankaracharya of
Shringeri; and Sri Haribaba-ji Maharaj (gaudiya mata).

Just like ramana (who is much widely known than her), she never had any
training of scriptures. Her life story would be very relevant here on
another thread "Women and Veda-s". Ma Anandamayi never learnt a letter of
veda-s. She led a life of an ordinary housewife for the most part, yet even
pundits marvelled at her knowledge of doctrinal details.

As far as her avatar-hood is concerned, let us see what she says in her own

"An Irish journalist asked her "Am I right to believe that you are God?"
Sri Ma answered: There is nothing save He alone. Everyone and everything is
but a form of God. In your person also everything is but a form of God. In
your person also He has come here to give darshana"
(Life and Teachings of Sri Ma Anandamayi: p.2)

"The doubt that God is not in you is what makes you a jiva. It is a false
screen. Remove it and God will stand revealed in His glory"
(ibid: p.33)


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