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To my knowledge, there are also sannyaasi-s affiliated to the Maa
Anandamayi Ashram who are advaitins.

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> Sri Sylvain wrote:
> >
> > 1. ... what Maa Anandamayii means beside advaita or dvaita ?
> maa=mother;    ananda=happiness, bliss;      mayi=full of
> 2. Is she recognized by (all) advaitins as avatara ?
> She was recognized as mukta by many advaitins and dvaitins alike. Notables
> among them were: Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan (advaita), Shankaracharya of
> Shringeri; and Sri Haribaba-ji Maharaj (gaudiya mata).
> Just like ramana (who is much widely known than her), she never had any
> training of scriptures. Her life story would be very relevant here on
> another thread "Women and Veda-s". Ma Anandamayi never learnt a letter of
> veda-s. She led a life of an ordinary housewife for the most part, yet even
> pundits marvelled at her knowledge of doctrinal details.
> As far as her avatar-hood is concerned, let us see what she says in her own
> words:
> "An Irish journalist asked her "Am I right to believe that you are God?"
> Sri Ma answered: There is nothing save He alone. Everyone and everything is
> but a form of God. In your person also everything is but a form of God. In
> your person also He has come here to give darshana"
> (Life and Teachings of Sri Ma Anandamayi: p.2)
> "The doubt that God is not in you is what makes you a jiva. It is a false
> screen. Remove it and God will stand revealed in His glory"
> (ibid: p.33)
> praNAm
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