[Advaita-l] Re: "why create?" (maya or whatever)

Viswanathan N vishy1962 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 01:16:55 CDT 2006

I have tried to answer this basic question, here under, as per my understanding and I feel this is the crux of Advaitha. Just read and let me know what you have say:
  The Facts of  existance
   ·        It is just the“ Bhramhan” © which is pervading everywhere in everything and every one . It is nothing but pure energy without any sort of form.
  ·        This just exist, existed and will exist for ever without any beginning or an end
  ·        With this being in all,  is what we call the very life and without it there is nothing that anyone can do and called dead.
  ·        This Body (b) is just the carrier/ covering of this and without © its just dummy. In this carrier there is an element,  which keeps recording all the happenings to it and around it, this is called “ The Mind” (m). Apart from this , there is a logical unit, which using past data recorded in the mind, keeps directing the body as what to do in a given circumstance. This is called “ The Intellect” (i).
  ·        The combination of these ( b+m+i) creates a temporary identity called “I “and every one is attaching themselves with this “I” and feel this “I” is the true “Self” 
  ·        This being the background, all the things/ events  just keep happening as per prakruthic dharma
  ·        But everyone is under is under terrible illusion that this “I” is doing things and as the result enjoying or suffering 
  ·        Naturally, this “I” start desiring for more pleasures and fear the pains. Thus arousal of ‘desires/ fears’ resulting in frustrations/ desperations.
  ·        Unfortunately, this body can not continue to exist that longer to fulfill all these endless desires, so takes another body to get them fulfilled. But, since the desires keep growing, this cycle of leaving one body and acquiring another continue endlessly. This is called Birth-Death- Rebirth.
  ·        The above said frustrations and desperations forced man to look for a psychological hold to hang on and to overcome this created all rituals in the name of God and systematized in to what we call “ Religion”.
  ·         Gradually this religion became ethical code for day to day living, with lots of Dos and Don’ts to maintain social order.
  ·        But, if we sincerely observe, surely we realize that by all these we trying to find an escape rather solution to the situation.
  ·        Then, what’s the way out?
              The Way out:   
   realize your identity of self   and “ destroy this false identity, i.e. ,    know that your true self is “The Bhramhan  “  and not the “I” a combination of body, mind and intellect. The movement that shift in identity happens, you would realize that your neither doer or enjoyer of anything. So, there is nothing to desire or fear and hence no frustrations or desperations. Neither you die, nor  re born. You just exist in peace/ bliss. This is what a state called Sat-Chit-Anand or Godliness.

Siva Senani Nori <sivasenani at yahoo.com> wrote:

If I can summarise your two questions (or by further drilling down they would lead to), "why create?" (maya or whatever) The answer I have heard till now is 'Leela'. Different people react differently to this, but that is how it is.


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