[Advaita-l] Is mere intellect enough ?

Viswanathan N vishy1962 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 08:54:50 CDT 2006

Hi Pranav
  You are correct to some extent ......
  Yes if u r sharp enough you can understand the basic truth about existance by reading agreat works and listening to good people. But your understanding wud remain theoritical untill u experience yourself. 
  For exaple you can read about 'laddu' its smell ,its looks and its taste even, but unless u eat yourselves whatever you read and hear you will never realize the taste of laddu...
  In case of Bhramhan , the experience means shifting your consciouness (awareness) from container to the content. Till now you are feeling that you are the container and wish to know what you contain. But the truth is you are 'the content'  and once you become  aware of this  thats the end.It may happen just by drop of hat or may happen in years or may not hapen at all.
  It may look very very simple, but can you y change your basic identification all that sudden? May be the presnet identity is wrong one and the real is truth,but still you are so much used and seasoned with present identification that u cant shift that  at all. For that you need to contemplate on this for long, long and really long, which is called sadhana( even for this sadhana diff  routes are available like Jnana, karma, dhyana, Bhakthi and you choose the one suitable to your nature).
   To start this sadhana you need a right kind of 'Guru'. Guru wud be the ignition key to start the engine thats all, but the travel to unwind all your false covering /  the lost distance shud be done by you and you alone. One more thing , with so many fake keys arround you are not sure which is the right one. So keep trying, untill u get right one. If u r lucky the very first one may be the right one. 
  (only one in thousand would try even to get that theoritical understanding and have that intellect to understand and that intellect is difference between seeker and others)

Pranav Peshwe <pranavpeshwe at gmail.com> wrote:
  Saprem Namaskar.
Is mere intellect enough to understand our real nature ? to
realise and hence be one with the Brahman ? Is it possible by just reading
scriptures and writings of the great ?

The intellect after all is humane.Can only it be used for going
beyond Maya towards 'realisation' ? The intellect uses time,space and
causation for understanding/deducing wordly things and the
writings.Theliteral meaning can be understood,but can the
'bhaavaartha' be understood
using the intellect ? Can one's reading and applying logic raise one to the
limit that he 'realizes' the 'Reality' ? Does it not require the guidance of
a sadguru to follow the Jnana Yoga ?

Can the learned please enlighten me on this topic.

Thanking in advance.

Kind regards,

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