Goodness (was Re: [Advaita-l] 'End' not 'Means')

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Sat Apr 29 12:26:18 CDT 2006

--- Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at> wrote:


> > Possibility A: "The murderer should be rewarded with a large sum
> of
> > money."
> >
> > Possibility B: "The murderer should be punished with prison
> time."
> >
> > Neither possibility could be derived by any amount of scientific
> > analysis. Science can help us understand what has happened, what
> is
> > happening, and what will happen if certain conditions are met,
> but
> > cannot answer what SHOULD be done in the situation described
> above.
> > On matters pertaining to justice most societies have judges and
> > juries that can examine the evidence and counsel on the right
> course.
> Do a thought experiment. You reward the murderer with money. Put
> yourself in the murderer's situation. A large sum of money would do
> you good. so you extrapolate that the large sum of money would do
> the
> murderer good, and so the murderer would be motivated to commit the
> crime again. But letting and encouraging a murderer to commit
> murder
> isn't really good because he could in principle some day kill you.

Please define "good".

And then show how "goodness" can be placed in a museum so that people
can come over to "see" and "hear" that goodness!


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