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wearing my nAstika hat for a while...

On 4/29/06, S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at> wrote:
> > But the
> > basis of morality (pertaining to AcharaN) is ultimately based in
> > pratyakSa (which happens to be encoded in the scriptures also).
notice, I said ENCODED.

> According to the mImAmsA perspective, all WORDS and MEANINGS (not
> only of those of the Vedas) are not in the realm of the physical, but
> exist eternally in a metaphysical realm. This is ESTABLISHED, and is
> not merely a tall claim. Check out:

> A small gist of the arguments:
> 1) If the words you are viewing in the computer monitor really
> existed only in the monitor, the word should be destroyed when the
> screen-saver comes on. But the word doesn't get destroyed.

the words I see on the monitor are the result of electrical signals.
these electrical signals are the result of someone typing them (or a
schema for their generation via a chip). Someone's typing them is the
result of that someone thinking them. Someone thinking them is a
result of that someone's brain responding to the stimulus of seeing
words on their monitor. Words come about as REPRESENTATIONS of
CONCEPTS. Concepts are models (structure) formed in the brain upon
receiving stimulus and processing that stimulus because of biochemical
laws. So concepts (which are what words encode) come about as a result
of biochemistry. Biochemistry comes as a consequence of physical laws.
Physical laws (including the fact that they act on all matter-energy)
are the mind of Ishvara. Ofcourse, all this is mental acrobatics and
ultimately a nAstika argument (bypassing the need for scriptures), but
it is nevertheless sufficient.

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