[Advaita-l] Does Shankarana speak of <pauruSa>?

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Fri Dec 1 00:07:00 CST 2006

In the Mumukshu- and Utpatti-Prakaranas of Yoga Vasishtha, the anonymous author teaches <pauruSa> Paurusha as an antidote to Kismet, Fate, and all our other excuses.  The term is obviously a protraction of <puruSa>, "Manhood" or "Personality", even perhaps "Citizenship" as <yo vazati puri>. 

YV does not much mention this notion of free-will activity in the later prakaranas. 

In the YV <pauruSa> is presented as the antidote to Daiva Fate, Niyati Necessity, and the like. 

Does Shankara speak of "paurusha"? And where would I look? 

I would give gokotis for lots of references. 

You great vedantis are my only hope.

saMtoSaH paramo lAbhaH sat-saGgaH paramA gatiH | 
vicAraH paramaM jJAnaM zamo hi paramaM sukham [Yoga Vasishtha 2.16.19] 
   = Contentment is the highest gain, Good Company the highest course, Enquiry the highest wisdom, and Peace the highest enjoyment.

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