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Hari Om
  As per the wishes of one of the list members I am sending the meaning of Chandrashekharaashtakam, composed by Sri Markandeya muni. If there are any errors in translation, please correct me.
  Chandrashekhara Chandrashekhara Chandrashekhara Paahimaam
  Chandrashekhara Chandrashekhara Chandrashekhara Rakshamaam
  Oh, Lord Chandrashekhara, please nurture me, please protect me.
  Ratna saanu sharaasanam rajataadri shrunga niketanam
  Shinjaniikruta pannageshwaramachyutaanana saayakam
  He lives on the sharpened tips of silver mountain (Himalayas) ranges that shine like gems and it looks as if He is sitting on a seat of sharpened arrows. He has made the lord of Serpents His jewellery (contd in the next couplet)
  Kshipra daghda puratrayam tridhivaalayirabhi vanditam
  Chandrashekaramaashraye mama kim karishyati vai yamah (1)
  He has burnt and reduced the Manmatha into ashes by the speedy arrow that looked like the face of Achyuta, as soft as the feather end of an arrow. 
  ( He can burn all our ajnaana in such a smooth, soft and painless way!)
  He is paid respects by the Three Worlds. If I take refuge in such a Lord Shiva, who wears the crescent moon on His head (chandrashekhara), what can Yama do to me?!
  (the devotee of lord Shiva is throwing a challenge to the lord of Death)
  (the adhyaatmic meaning as i have understood is that if we totally surrender to Lord Shiva - surrendering all my I-ness and my-ness and firmly believe that the whole world is nothing but Shiva, why should i worry about death?!)
  Pancha paadapa pushpa gandha padaambujadwaya shobhitam
  Paala lochana jaata paavaka daghda manmatha vigraham
  Bhasma Daghda kalevaram bhava naashanam bhavamavyayam
  Chandrashekaramaashraye mama kim karishyati vai yamah (2)
  His lotus feet are decorated with the scented flowers of the five trees
  He who burnt the body of manmatha with the fire emanating from the third eye that he has on his forehead
  (we all have that inner eye, our third eye, with which we can also burn all our ajnaana)
  His body is smeared with the ashes of the dead (He can burn to ashes all our avidya and that sacred ash can become an ornament upon oneself)
  (once our avidyaa is burnt, our jnaana tejas shines forth on our face)
  He is the destroyer and also its creator and sustainer. If I surrender to such a Chandrashekara, what can Yama do to me?!
  to be continued..........
  Hari Om


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