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namaste and Greetings from Devipuram!

To commemorate the event of the forthcoming Maha Kumbhabhishekam in
Feb 2007 at Devipuram, we are planning to bring out a souvenir
publication, with the grace of Guruji and Devi.

We are inviting authors all over the world to contribute interesting
articles on spirituality to this Souvenir.  The requirements are as

Format:    - MS Word document, 1,000-2,000 words.
(Particularly-interesting articles that are longer or shorter will
also be considered on an exception basis).

- please avoid handwritten submissions as they are difficult to read
and retype in
  standard format

  Author Information:    Please include a brief introduction,
indicating your e-mail address and/or other pertinent contact

Send to:                                    kadambari at devipuram.com

Deadline:                                  January 7, 2007

We request you to kindly spread the word to your friends and relatives
who would like to contribute to this souvenir. We look forward to your
contributions as well as your help in releasing a Souvenir that is
truly worthy of our beloved Devipuram.

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