[Advaita-l] Meaning of praNo devI sarasvatI

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Pranams Krisji

You are spot on. 

sAyaNAcharya says the goddess is the protector of worshippers. I was wondering why he interpreted it so; you have provided the answer!

Thinking aloud in a group of keen sadhakas indeed furthers one's understanding. 


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>With the above, the meaning would be along the lines of "May the powerful (vAjinIvatI) goddess SarasvatI, the >protector of the wise (dhInAm avitrI), protect us well through consecrated speech (vAjebhih)"?

This does not make sense. Why would God discriminate between wise and unwise and protect only the wise? God protects every one. So the translation of RaviShakar makes sense to me.

Kris Manian

>As you suggested, I will consult the bhAshya and clarify my doubts.


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