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Shyam shyam_md at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 23:12:36 CST 2006

Pranams to all advaitins and a happy new year 2007 to

Pranams Shri Manian-ji
Some minor additions to what Shri Krishnamurthy-ji has
covered excellently.

-the number of jivas through beginningless time
remains constant except for those who obtain release
from the samsaric cycle by jnanam.

-there are hundred trillion bacteria in your gut alone
comprising over one thousand species - each of these
is a individual jiva. similarly there are billions of
organisms in the aqua-lifesystem that comprises over
70% of this earth's surface. in addition to animals,
even plants are considered jivas as well. scientists
estimate that hundreds of millions of plants and
organisms that comprise a single tropical rainforest
are still undiscovered!

-its a myth of modern medical science that life
expectancy today has been the best its ever been. Our
scriptures consider living a hundred years as a very
normal and accepted fact (and nothing that we need to
aspire to) that is because health is more about
holistic living than the so-called cure of diseases,
and even in the latter case modern medicine has
"cures" for as many diseases as you can count on your
hands fingers! 

-in case of deaths from suicide, murders etc it is a
result of abuse of free-will which interferes with the
karmic fruition. this itself will beget more (agami)
karma and by ishwara's perfectly ordered laws will
result in appropriate mediums or shareeras for the
exhaustion of the unfinished business of the present
shareera as well as the parinaama of the freewill
abuse. (as a by note one can see why suicide is as
much an abuse as murder.)

Hope this helps gain perspective over the interesting
queries you had raised.

Shri Gurubhyo namah


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