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Thu Feb 2 10:13:00 CST 2006

That is very sad, pray that his soul rest in peace,..

A couple of nights ago, I was translating to English a
preface to the book "Sad Guru Charitre" on the life of
Sri Satchidanandendra Saraswathi Swamiji by Prof SKRR.
It got me thinking on all the different perspectives
he had on advaita and on the Swamiji. He has written
several scholarly articles in the adyathma prakasha
spiritual magazine, and has given several discourses
on advaita. He was a neuro-scientist and a
multi-faceted personality, hence brought different
perspectives. He will be dearly missed by all
Bangaloreans in particular and advaitins in general.


--- Subramanya Hiriyannaiah
<Subramanya.Hiriyannaiah at rel.co.in> wrote:

> Today a great scholar in Advaita Pro S K Ramachandra
> Rao left this earth 
> in Bangalore at 81. Let the learned people show
> their respect through this 
> site.
> Regards, 
> Subramanya U H
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