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Yes - there can be a "residue" of avidyA even after aparoksha

For a BrahmaGYAnI who is not a jIvanmukta, avidyA exists like a
serpent whose fangs have been removed. But for a BrahmaGYAnI who has
attained jIvanmukti, the serpent is fully destroyed. This is the
position of svAmi VidyAraNya:

praNAms Sri Karthik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks a lot for your kind clarfication...From the above, it seems that the
brahmajnAni despite having aparOksha jnAna of paramArtha  carries the
residue of avidyA (avidyAlEsha) and realization is not complete!!!  It
triggers further question if it is true that for brahmajnAni who has
attained jIvanmukti too has avidyAlEsha then how at all can one believe the
teaching that * by means of jnAna alone avidyA is got rid off??  this vidyA
as per above observation cannot remove our ajnAna *completely* is it not
prabhuji??  If this avidyA is not completely got rid of  then does it not
amount to discarding shankara's siddhAnta that * by means of jnAna mukti
accrues*??  Moreover, how can avidyA can have a *residue* (amSha (part) /
lEsha (remnant) )  When shankara says shuktika jnAna accures does he mean *
there is still* some residue of *rajata jnAna* prabhuji??  Kindly clarify.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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