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Thanks Ravi for trying for a broader consensus with
other schools. 

--- ravi chandrasekhara <vadhula at yahoo.com> wrote:

[Could it those passages re: dignity were applicable
because morality was held at a high standard; but
really not meant for one to cause harm to another.]

I appreciate your point. Quite possibly a most of such
penalties never got to be executed. I was however
responding to the suggestion by Sri Jaldhar and Sri
Sanjay to revert to the traditions for determining
swadharma. My point was that traditions are
subservient to shruti and smrirti and it will be
difficult for any self respecting non-dvija to relate
to them.

[Persecution that has ocurred "in name of jati/varna"
is actually more based on economics and power abused
by those in power.]

To me it does not seem to be a correct appreciation of
the problem. Historically, brahmins have been as poor
(if not more) as shudras, barring a few in the kings'
courts. All our ancient stories start with "Once upon
a time there lived a poor brahmin.....". It can safely
be concluded that "rich brahmin" is a very recent
phenomenon that occurred only after brahmins gave up
their herditary occupations. It will therefore be
difficult to explain the abuse on economic terms. It
is unmistakably linked to explicit or implict
scriptural sanction to such abuse.

With regards,
Ram Garib

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