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Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 13:26:22 CST 2006

Namste :
  How appropriate was kaalidaasa when he says:
  sataa.n hi sandehapadeShu vastuShu pramaaNamantaHkaraNapravR^ittayaH || shaaku.ntala 1.10 ||
  Meaning -saints depend on their own inner feelings (gut feelings) as prammaNa, the self validated truths.
  ManusmR^iti (that we are debation about) also advises us to purify with our own minds,
  satyapuutaaM vaded.h vaachaM manaHpuutaM samaacharet.h || 6.46 ||
  AchArya Madhva on pramaaNa says: "shAstrArtha yukto anubhavaH pramANam uttamam.
  The highest and best pramANa, is the experiential that is in line with shAstrArtha but we should recognize the significance rather than getting attached to them like a "Krazy Glue".  Unfortunately, rather than concentration of “shaastraartha” seems to have been metamorphosed into “artha-shaastra” !!? 
  IMHO - If it contradicts the Shruti - So be it.  Shruti was probably OK for their times but must be evaluated in the context of present, otherwise it does not have any utility except of patting ourselves on the back that we had a great culture.
  That is why our brahmaNa text recommend us to remain dynamic rather than static:
  caranvai madhu vindati caran svaadumudumbaram .
suuryasya pashya shremaaNa.m yona tandrayate cara.nsh{}caraiveti .. etareya brahmaNa 33\.3\.15 ..
  So, the take home message is we have emulate like saadhus
  saadhu aisaa caahihe , jaisaa suupa subhaaya |
  saara saara ko gahi/n akhe, tho tho deyii uDaaya ||
  Just some thought !
  Thank you
  Dr. Yadu

Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at gmail.com> wrote:   Greetings,

On 2/13/06, Ram Garib wrote:
> I believe that shying away from discussing the
> controversial passages of scriptures cannot lead us
> anywhere. Either defending, or attacking manu-- both
> are equally useless. Only honest understanding can
> show us the way.

I agree with you, but I must add that honest analysis and
understanding include the possibility of outright rejection as
"contradicting Shruti". Honest analysis of anything requires that we
atleast keep our mind open to possible refutation of the scripture in
question itself. otherwise the understanding is not really honest.
Aditya Varun Chadha

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