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> Both these statments are incorrect.  Here is the
> concluding part of the 
> bhashya on brahmasutra 1.3.38 which ends the
> apashUdrAdhikaraNa:
> yeShAM punaH
> pUrvakrtasaMskAravashAdviduradharmavyAdhaprabhrtInAM
> GYAnotpattisteShAM na shakyate phalapraptiH
> pratiSheddhuM 
> GYAnasyaikAntikaphalatvAta shrAvayecchaturo varNAn
> iti 
> chetihAsapurANAdhigame
> chAturvarNyasyAdhikArasmaraNAt | vedapUrvakastu 
> nAstyAdhikAraH shUdrANAmiti sthitam ||
> >From those Shudras who gained jnana as a result of
> their prior 
> samskaras such as Vidura[1] and Dharmavyadha[2]
> there is no possibility of 
> denying achievement[3] because jnana always yields
> its fruit. 
> Smriti establishes adhikara for knowing itihasa and
> purana[4] to all 
> the four varnas by "He should teach it to the four
> varnas."[5]  But for the 
> reasons given above[6] it is established that
> Shudras have no right to the 
> Vedas.

Thanks Jaldhar for providing the quote  along with
your analysis. You have very well covered the issue
from the point of view of gaining of knowledge. I
still have a doubt though, as mentioned in my last
post. Look at it from the point of view of sannyasa.
Advaita does not entertain the possibility of
liberation without sannyasa. sannyasa is available
only to a brahmin (or dvija). Without sannyasa,
vedantic knowledge cannot give fruit.  Is it not the
same loop again?

With regards,
Ram Garib

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