[Advaita-l] Proper worship in Shankara's tradtion

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Respectful sir,

These worships of gods  whether five or ten  ... do they  really matter!!!
when we go deep in advaitha path....(may be to start with yes...)
but ultimately...just drop everything and start looking into you...

letus try to travel towards " aham Bhramasmi"...." Tat vam asi"

I am not against worshipping...but truth is " nirvihakara"...so how come
worshipping sai / jesus/ buddha could be harmful?? (its true that they wont
help either)

pardon me if I am wrong....


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What is the position of Adi Shankaracharya on worship
    of different Gods (other than the five priciple
    of panchayatana worship)?
    Though it is acceptable to worship any of the
    different gods(Ultimately,all worship leads to the
    lotus feet of Vishnu). I think it is not correct
    worship any Non Vedic deity as it may lead to
delay or
    even reversal of spiritual progress.
    For instance , reverence of sai baba or Jesus may
    okay, but to worship them as God may be harmful or
    even disastrous.
    Can anyone provide me Information on texts that
    panchayatana (according to vaidik tradition) form
    worship properly.
    There are some  clarifications in this regard
    1. There is a story of Shankara stopping the
    of Yama. Can I know the context surrounding this?
    2. What is Shankara's position on worship of

    He is not included on the original set of five
    3. What is Shankara's opinion on worship of
Buddha. I
    am aware of the differnces in the two sects.But
    is the position of Shankara.

    Subramanian V.

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