[Advaita-l] meera bhai & bhakti

Prasad Ramamurthy Kadambi kaupeenavanta at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 07:46:06 CST 2006


On 12/30/05, Amuthan Arunkumar R <aparyap at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> namo nArAyaNAya!
> dear shrI muraLi mohan,
> what protest do you expect from a set of bhakta-s who
> carry tampUra against a set of armed mughals?
> i really do not see any rationale behind comparing
> shivAji and a group of bhakta-s. are you trying to say
> that the bhajana should not have happened at all and
> that these bhakta-s should have taken up arms against
> the mughals?

Well I do agree with Arun, what should we expect with devotees carrying
tampura against armed mughals. But at the same time why sould we not take it
in the other sense that fight need not be physical. Any spritual seeker
should fight with the nature both internal and external.


Are we not seeing Jayendra Sraswathi fighting though he being a sanyAsi.
What all I mean to say is fight need not be physical.



Last but not least does every saint, mahaAthma, sanyAsi , JAni *owe* an
explanation to this world .


Prasad Kadambi
sada shiva samarambham Shankaracharya madhyamam !

asmadacharya paryantham vande guru paramparam !!

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