[Advaita-l] Meerabai & Bhakti : the conclusion

murali mohan murali_mohan at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 10:18:59 CST 2006

Apologies for misspelling her name. Anyway from all your helpful explanations I conclude to my understanding thus :
  Actions of saints are beyond our understanding as they are not bound by "duty". When one gives oneself up in pursuit of a higher cause, lower activities are bound to drop off and it may not be obligatory on their part to obey social rules provided their intention is sincere and unselfish. One should take only the advices and teachings from saints and not follow or judge their activities ( I have a doubt here : Lord Rama is called Maryata Purushotham as he set an example for others to follow by his very actions even though he himself was above law , but Krishna did not, is'nt it ?? Why so? ).  So from Meerabai one can imbibe her devotion and bhajans and that is it. 

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