[Advaita-l] Re: [advaitin] On Karma Yoga: VI - Choiceless Choice

kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 19:06:44 CST 2006

Thanks for your kind words. What you say is right but what I think is we
can change the world only by changing first ourselves. As Krishna is
going to teach us in the next post- yadyadaacharti shreshhTaH ... we
need to follow the vedic dharma. The children will learn from what the
parents do. Gandhiji became mahaatma because he taught by practicing
himself first. Once I change the world will also slowly change. Let us
do our saadhana sincerely and by setting ourselves as an example try to
change the environment we are in - and leave the rest to Him to worry

Thanks again, you helped me to reformulate the karmayoga series. 

Hari OM!

--- Rajesh Ramachander <rrajeshchander at yahoo.com> wrote:

>     Namastey Shree Sadananda Ji:
>           Thank you Sir. Your  explanation on choice of actions
> "Choiceless Choice" is extremely  insightful.

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