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>though i'm quite
>skeptical about tantra stuff 

 prapa~nchasAra tantra is believed to be a work of
sha~NkarAchArya. Although there are people who contest
this, it has a commentary by padmapAdAchArya.
Various(like 7 or 8 different ones) commentaries on
the same which were authored in different centuries,
seem to attest that this is infact a work of

 I personally would be doubtful about all of them
being wrong.   

> is
> there any reference in sha~NkarAchArya's works (or
> that of his followers) which deal with these from a
> vedAntic viewpoint? 

saundaryalahari seems to talk about these. This is if
one wants to believe that it is indeed the work of

I think shArada chatushshati, a recent(19th century)
shrIvidya work dedicated to chandra shekhara bhArati
swAmin tries to explain these concepts from a vedAntic
view point. I cant exactly summarize as I did not make
a thorough study of this work. This is published with
English translation by Kalpatharu Research Academy,

>do these actually exist or are
> they only symbolic of stages in one's spiritual
> journey? 

I am sure you are not talking about their physical
They are probably concepts similar to the pa~ncha
kosha-s like annamaya kosha.... Anandamaya kosha.
Surely these kosha-s arent something which can be
perceived by the physical eye. Likewise the concept of
these various chakra-s I guess.


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