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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 23:17:52 CST 2006

for instance, for one following
vedAnta vichAra, the body itself is only an elaborate
fabrication of the mind and it is not necessary to
know the details of the body any further than the fact
that it is asat. thus, the complicated theories about
the existence of chakra-s at various locations of the
body seem unnecessary. 

Amuthan Arunkumar R,

Viewpoint1 - One of the ways of implementing the
teachings of vedanta is: world is a projection on the
mind, it is asat. Here one rejects all that is asat
and seeks only sat.

Viewpoint2: One can also study vedanta, and understand
that yes the world is not real but a projection on the
mind. YET this is a divine leelA. Agreed this is asat,
yet one may want to understand it and also realize how
great and wonderful that Being is who is directing the
show (bhagavAn). This way one is always in touch with
the sat (bhagavAn), and yet delights in the asat
(while knowing it is asat). This by the way is highest
form of bhakti (a jnAni's bhakti).

In viewpoint1, agreed there is no need for
understanding the chakras.

In viewpoint2, however, at some point there will be a
need to understand body-universe relationship. This is
where the topic of chakras comes up. However please
note, this topic is a kept secret, and one does not
understand this without the grace of sadguru.
(checkout topics shrI chakra, shrI vidyA, .....)

Best regards,

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