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The fact that Adi Sankara has commented on the issue of animal sacrifice
proves that the practice was prevalent b4 the advent of the Moghuls in
India. The Moghuls invaded India around 1192.

On 1/6/06, murali mohan <murali_mohan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have heard some modern scholars and saints talk that the hindu
> scriptures were tampered with during the Mughal period with the intention of
> giving predominence to muslim customs and make the hindus of the time weak
> and accept the islam religion. It seems especially the mimansa part has been
> affected by the tampering. Could not have practices such as the part on
> animal sacrifice etc be added during this time to cater to some nefarious
> purpose? It is said that many of the Upanishads have
> been lost for ever. How do we assure that the Vedas we have now are as it
> was in the origin and has not been tampered with?
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