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Dear members
According to Srimad Bhaghavatham there are 24 elements enumerated by
Avadutha as His gurus from whom He learnt lessons which enhanced His
understanding of the world outside leading to jnana.These are
t,hunter,deer,fish,awoman named Pingala,a bird called kuraram,a boy,a
lady,mason,snake spider and wasp.Probably lessons are every where and only
it is upto the individual to spot them and make them his own to wisely
transact with the world.
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> Namste:
>   I do not know thw exact thing what you are looking for  but I am aware
of similar thoughts expressed in bhaagavata puraaNa.
>   Atmano gururAtmaiva puruShasya visheShataH
>   yat pratyakShAnumAnAbhyAM shreyo.asAvanuvindate || bhaagavata puraaNa
11.7.20 ||
>   Meaning - The "aatmaa" itself is indeed the one's own guide, especially
in the case of man, direct perception and inference he can work out his own
>   yadu avadhuuta saMvaada | santi me guravo rAjanbahavo buddhyupashritAH |
yato buddhimupAdAya mukto.aTAmIha tA.nshR^iNu || 1107033 ||
>   pR^ithivI vAyurAkAshamApo.agnishchandramA raviH | kapoto.ajagaraH
sindhuH pata~Ngo madhukR^idgajaH ||1107034||
>   madhuhA hariNo mInaH pi~NgalA kuraro.arbhakaH | kumArI sharakR^it sarpa
UrNanAbhiH supeshakR^it ||1107035 ||
>   ete me guravo rAjanchaturviMshatirAshritAH | shikShA
vR^ittibhireteShAmanvashikShamihAtmanaH ||1107035 ||
>   Meaning - Please listen to the many of my preceptors as selected from my
keen senses acquiring wisdom from whom I wonder in the world as being free.
The Earth, Air, the Moon, and the Sun, the Dove, the boa-constrictor, the
Sea, the Moth, the honey-bee, the Elephant, the Honey-gatherer, the Deer,
the Fish, Pingalaa ( a courtesan), the Osprey, an Infant, the Maiden, the
Forger of arrows, the Serpent, the Spider, and a Bhrnga (a Wasp).
>   Ultimately, "The Guru is in You" all you need to do is recognize it and
follow his guidance.  IMO - There is nothing more practical advaitic than
>   Hope this helps.
>   Best wishes,
>   Dr. Yadu
> Guy Werlings <werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
>   namaste |
> A few days ago, I read somewhere on the Internet:
> "There is a story in the AvadhUta GItA which talks of the AvadhUta who
> stopped at a wayside inn and was asked by the innkeeper, "What is your
> teaching?" He replied, "There is no teacher, no teaching and no one
> And then he walked away."
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