[Advaita-l] Which is better: Devotion or Self-realisation

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Tue Jan 17 09:49:11 CST 2006

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> Pranams:
> Definitely Bhakti!

Swami Dayananda-ji has explained the nature of bhakti
from "naarada bhakti sutra" which defines bhakti as
"parama prema swarupa". Swami-ji argues that in prema
there is partial identification of self with the
object of prema i.e. son, house, wife etc. In "param
prema" the identification is complete. As per this
interpretation, bhakti would mean complete
identification with the Lord i.e. reconizing that I
and Lord are one and the same. Such bhakti cannot
happen without advaitic realization. This is also
consistent with Hanumaana's submission to Rama that
even though in transaction I am your servant, in
essence, I and you are one and the same.

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Ram Garib  

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