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Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 14:54:45 CST 2006

  Namste Savithri-Ji:
  Aditya is a considered to be a group of Gods in vaivasvata manvantara.  R^igveda has six suukta on this and includes six devata (mitra, aryamaa, bhaga, varuNa, daxa, and a.nsha. R^igveda 2.27.1).
  imaa gira aadityebhyo ghR^itasnuuH sanaad raajabhyo juhvaa juhomi | 
  shR^iNotu mitro aryamaa bhago nas tuvijaato varuNo dakSho aMshaH || 2-27-1 
  Meaning – These aaditya kings are huge, deep (have depth gmabhiira), un-conquerable, destroy enemy, have thousands of eyes and see good as well as evil (bad).  They are capable of seeing things that are far away.
  dhaarayanta aadityaaso jagat sthaa devaa vishvasya bhuvanasya gopaaH || 2-27-4
  Meaning – They are the solid bearers and protectors of this realm.
  In athathrvaveda aaditya is described as the Sons of aditi and are eight in number (atharva. 8.9.21.)
  Taittariita braahmaNaa  ( a.nsha, bhaga, dhaataa, indra, vivasvaana, mitra, varuNa and aryamaa.
  Where as shatapatha brahmaNa  ( there are twelve aaditya seem to represent twelve months.  In bhavioShya puraaNa they are described as the sons of aditii and kasyapa..  a.nshumaana, aryamaa, indra, tvaShTaa, dhaataa, parjanya, puuShaa, bhaga, mitra, varuNa, vivasvaana and viShNuu.
  In skanda puraaNa the names appear as follows:  
  Lolaarka, uttaraarka, saa.mbadhitya, drupadaaitya, mayuukhaaditya, aruNaditya, vR^iddhaditya, keshavaaditya, and sakolakaaditya  (ska.nda puraaNa.  12.11 )
  I hope this helps !?
  Dr. Yadu

savithri devaraj <savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com> wrote:  Namaste,

I would appreciate any help on this question from the
list members.

Our balavihar class this past Sunday was all about
Sun, uttarAyana, Sankranthi, etc. A question came up
as we were discussing the names of Sun god - What is
the story behind Sun being called Aditya? 

All I know is that Aditi and Sage Kasyapa were parents
to all life forms including the 12 adityas. I believe
there must be more details to this either in the vedas
or the purANas. I appreciate any help.

[Hope it is within the scope of the list?]
Thanks in advance,

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