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> On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, savithri devaraj wrote:
> >
> > Our balavihar class this past Sunday was all about
> > Sun, uttarAyana, Sankranthi, etc.
> Don't know if you covered this in your class but I
> thought I'd mention it;
> Makarasankranti is referred to, in Gujarati atleast,
> as uttarayana but the 
> true astronomical uttarayana i.e. winter solstice is
> on December 21st.  Makara 
> sankranti is when the sun enters Capricorn a month
> later.

Yes we did, it turned out to be a class in astronomy,
but was worth it. I have seen that the kids relate
well when we put it in the context of the sciences,
other religions, current happenings, etc. 
It has been an interesting teaching experience for me,
and I am the one benifitting the most!

Thanks for your response,

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