[Advaita-l] Effects of incorrect Mantra Pronunciation

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Dear Mr Santhosh,

Its true that wrong chanting of mantras will bring in adverse effects.
Its definitely true with upadesha mantras that are to be done on a daily
basis. Mantras from Samhita are also very powerful. One has to be very
very cautious about chanting of mantras. Direction and timing do not
matter. To cite an example, during the wish for birth of a person who
can kill Indra (Vritrasura), mantra was incorrectly chanted. The meaning
got changed to wish for birth of a person who can be killed by Indra. 

Be careful while chanting mantras, concentrate on swara, take your own
time to do so. After a practice, one can chant without any issues.

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I have a doubt about mantra recitiations. Some people say that if
someone pronounces the words in a mantra incorrectly, it could bring
adverse effects. Is this true? I used to chant mantras (Gayatri,
Mahamrityunjaya, etc.) And I think I did this in an incorrect manner
(including the position, diretion i faced, and the timing. If it has any
ill-effects, is there somethiig I can do to correct it? Currently I
chang only Vishnusahasranama and Narayaneeyam (3dasakas/day), at 7 am.
Please do let me know because now I am suffering from various physical

Thank you.
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