[Advaita-l] diction of mantras

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Thu Jan 26 13:19:56 CST 2006

Pranaam Amuthanji,

If in my last email something didn't look good, I would beg my pardon. There are
a few words I would like to add though, with all humbleness of my demeanor.

Where is the tag brother and which tag! Does the name Advaita signify any tag on
itself. Has Shankara anything to do with it. Is there anything which Advaita
doesn't accept or discard. In the very first hand it discards everything and in
the other hand it accepts everything. Isn't it like an ocean into which all
waters merge. Advaita is no philosophy in itself.
Where psychology ends, philosophy begins and where even philosophy ends
spirituality begins.

There is nothing about following here, and be it shunyata or be it fullness,
they represent the whole, they accept the whole, they accept all, and when they
say something to throw as a casual matter of fact, all has already been
accepted. Really so, whereever you will find something like that, there was a
full acceptance, and only from that standpoint is it said. There is no question
of following or being followed. I would stay silent though, and argumentation is
always useless, for it all of a sudden destroys the peace of mind. Will I ever
reach my Lord with any tag. It is about being, and rest are details to cover. I
would keep silent if it only gives a smack of erudition or argumentation or
anything like that, for argumentation is hurting than not saying anything.

You are a part of my own being, and if anything hurts you I would beg my pardon
at your feet.


Quoting Amuthan <aparyap at yahoo.co.in>:

** namo nArAyaNAya!
** dear shrI manIsh wadhwa,
** --- mwadhwa_at_uwm_dot_edu wrote:
** >
** > I think it is simple as it is, and being
** > simple is what it is all
** > about. I feel it is better to throw away all the
** > philosophies and scriptures
** > and be as natural and simple as our true being can
** > be. What else, no mantra, no
** > tantra, no shadyantra........
** >
** fine, do what pleases you, but then don't add an
** 'advaitin' or 'vedAntin' tag to yourself. the above
** frame of mind would more appropriately fit to one
** following zen than one following sha~Nkara's advaita
** vedAnta. as far as vedAnta is concerned, this 'no
** philosophy, no scripture' stuff is only for a
** jIvanmukta. remember that what you have said above is
** also a philosophy in itself (and it is called
** shUNyata)! strictly speaking, having no philosophy is
** possible only when your mind is destroyed and that
** happens only if you are a jIvanmukta, never otherwise.
** vAsudevaH sarvaM,
** aparyAptAmR^itaH.
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