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Ram Garib garib_ram at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jan 26 18:23:55 CST 2006

I have some confusion here and request clarification.

--- Amuthan <aparyap at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> - gurUpadesha and
> the
> shAstra-s produce a particular modification of the
> mind which help in the process of it's own
> destruction. they do not cause Atma j~nAna or if
> they
> are said to cause, it only means that they help in
> the
> destruction of the mind. 

This particular modification of mind which has been
called "akhandaakaara vritti" is also a vritti, isn't
it? Since a vritti can occur only in mind, how can it
be called non-intellectual? "manasa eva
anudrashtavyam" clearly rules out any mysterious
connotations associated with self-knowledge. Only
thing that differentiates self-knowledge from others
is the nature of akhandaakara vritti which does not
have a subject-object relationship.

With regards,
Ram Garib 

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