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Thu Jan 26 21:17:58 CST 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI manIsh wadhwa,

--- mwadhwa_at_uwm_dot_edu wrote:
> Where is the tag brother and which tag! 

in the first place, i was never hurt by what you wrote
and i never intended to hurt you either. i hope things
are taken in the right spirit :-) 

philosophy is a way of viewing things. it is an
intellectual process. the way you view things is your
philosophy and IMO, what you have said is a nice
philosophy. call it your own philosophy and i have no
qualms with it. the problem arises only when you call
it advaita. 

advaita refers specifically to the philosophy taught
by sha~Nkara and his teachers. superficially, it may
resemble many other philosophies, but when we look at
the subtle aspects of the philosophy, we are forced to
look twice before classifying a particular philosophy
as advaita.

i wrote the previous mail because the idea of 'no
scripture, no philosophy' is NOT upheld by advaita for
aj~nAni-s unlike some bauddhika darshana-s like zen. 

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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