[Advaita-l] apauruSheya ?

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Fri Jan 27 10:32:01 CST 2006

--- Shrisha Rao <shrao at nyx.net> wrote:

> I'm afraid you have a very mistaken understanding of
> Madhva's view of 
> apaurushheyatva, as would become clear if you were
> to attempt to cite any 
> statement of his in justification of your summary;
> besides, you have also 
> contradicted yourself, since this also has nothing
> to do with 
> prAmANya-svatastva..

Thanks Shrisha for your comments. 

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to learn
vedanta from a traditional teacher. Add to that my
poor knowledge of Sanskrit and you get the picture. My
understanding of vedanta is entirely based on the
secondary sources like Hiriyanna, Dasgupta and esp.
the course pack used at Benares Hindu University. The
faculty of Indian Philosophy at BHU is out-and-out
advaita and I would not be surprized if there are
mistakes in presenting the position of Acharya Madhwa.
The only text used at BHU that is sympathetic to
Acharya Madhwa is the comparative studies of
commentary on brahma-sutras by B.N.K.Sharma. Here
again the text was used to demonstrate logical
fallacies in Acharya Madhwa's position than other way

I would indeed be grateful if you can point to some
text in English on Madhwa's position that is
considered authentic by dvaitins.

With regards,
Ram Garib

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