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Sun Jan 29 11:34:45 CST 2006

Pranaam all,

          I would like to copy and paste the email that I had sent rambhai as a
personal mail two days back as a response to "dehi" ....

You are perfectly fine with your understanding of "dehi" as kaarana sharira or
causal body. Also whatever is written in the most revered scriptures like BG or
Yoga Vasishtha, it is with intention. Every word is intentionally put.

         As far as my understanding goes, I can talk about things in my
understanding.  Self is never changing and sempiternal as we all know so there
is no doubt about your understanding. It goes nowhere comes from nowhere. It is
in every living, non-living, seen, unseen. Infinte consciousness is all that

          Also, all of us are products of conditioning, when it goes we reach
utter freedom. Vedanta takes a higher standing and very bold at times that are
hard to be understood by most seekers. Let's see it like this, it is as if we
are robots and when we get conditioned we start attaching ourselves with this
robotic body and mind complex which is under the sway of gunas as the robot
works under the sway of some inbuilt automation, which is but conditioning, we
are like those beings who when reach an unconditioned state that this body mind
complex drops. We can see the automation of gunas as the Bhagvada Gita says.
This is robotic, we are not doing anything, gunas are working on their own.
When we rise beyond that through the whole dropping of this mental conditioning
this body and mind complex, runs like a potters wheel which itself stops when
its past momentum is over, so is the case with our mental conditioning and past

        I would like to add that this karana sharira is the sum total of all the
conditionings (mental, psychological), vasanas (latent tendencies) etc. which is
the "kAranNa." behind it all. The robot moves on the basis of this automation
caused by these conditionings and after that when all conditioning is gone it
can live for some more time based on past momentum like a person running a long
race when stops keeps running for some more time till it comes to a halt when
the momentum is exhausted, so could Buddha live for 40 more years even after
attaining the maha nirvana.
     Before conditioning and after uncoditioning, there is conscious deep sleep
and so does it flow underlying all forgetfulness also – be it waking, dreaming
or deep sleep though in a forgetful manner. In between does the individual
consciousness forgets its true nature and thus ego starts attaching itself like
a parasite who lives and grows around it and then starts eating it, till it
itself awakens one to the truth through the corrosion caused by it. More
important is to realize as to what are the ways to drop such mental
conditioning, than any other thing. There are practical ways for that which I
feel are more important to learn and understand.......

I write as per my understanding of things... and it may include physics, poetry,
psychology, scriptures, or any other thing...
I request the scholars to correct me if they find anything questionable,


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