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S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 12:43:16 CST 2006

--- mwadhwa at uwm.edu wrote:

> Ramji wrote:
> <<<he has interpreted
> "swadharma" as duties enjoined by ones' caste and
> station in life.>>>
> How to determine one's caste and station in life then? Actually my 
> questioning
> is regarding the determining factor.
> Can we determine as to what is the caste; for as per my
> understanding it is
> determined by the level of understanding and knowledge or do you
> have some
> other meaning when you say so.

Instead of second guessing these terms, how about approaching a
Swamiji for direction? There are literally hundreds of great Swamijis
who are ready to guide, if only asked to do so. If even "foreigners"
(who don't strictly have any "caste" or "station" in life) can
receive guidance on these topics from our Swamijis, there is no doubt
that one who has been born into the religion can easily find a
qualified teacher.

> I had heard someone saying that it is about doing that which you
> really feel
> like doing, which you really love doing, but that also isn't easily
> understandable, for life's situations put oneself in different
> circumstances.
> Also in different situations isn't it that the swadharma changes
> for each
> individual in every situation and takes a different meaning.
> This word confuses me a lot, so please make it clear to me whoever
> has
> contemplated upon this. I tried a lot to contemplate over it but I
> feel I get
> confused. Please enlighten me!!!

If as you say, swadharma is different for each individual depending
on the situation, and you are confused on this issue, then all the
more reason to query a teacher in your area!

> Regards,
> Manish



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