[Advaita-l] Question: Swadharma

Ram Garib garib_ram at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jan 30 14:27:58 CST 2006

Thanks Jaldhar for your response. It is a sensitive subject but let us try to look at it dispassionately:
  "But who is a qualified teacher on the subject of Dharma? I think now that 
Indian society is more literate than in generations past (at all levels) 
we focus unnecessarily on "books" and ignore that which, along with shruti 
and smrti, is the third pillar of Dharma, shishtachara."
  You are quite right about shishtachara but as per tradition it can never over-rule shruti and smriti as an authority on dharma. 
  " So to does any karma that is an 
inheritence from ones ancestors since time immemorial (no caste in India 
has just sat there twiddling its thumbs and waiting to be taught Vedas.) 
Anyone who wishes to know dharma should first delve deep into his own 
history before consulting others."
  This will make "dharma" simply a perpetuation of "tradition" - good, bad or ugly. Dharma is a living entity and ought to be more than traditions. Continuing all inheritance from ancestors will only land us into 12th century. If I look on my own history, I will only be allowed shoe-making as my occupation because that is what my father and grandfather did. However, I do not think I will find it fulfilling materially or spiritually nor can it benefit the society in terms of productivity. Our world has expanded unimaginably and there are bound to be discontinuities from traditions. How does looking to past help here?

  BTW I would very much like to be in the "shoes" of "BATA" than my government job:-)
  With regards,
  Ram Garib

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