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Dear member
I fully endorse your excerpts.This all vote bank politics.What thepresent
day politicians in power now a days think that by taking anti Hinduism stand
they can stay in power as majority of Hindus are not much bothered about
these ridicules heaped on them and you have given the illustrations which
are eloquent.The day is not far when people will see through their game and
throw out these
pseudo people from their positions.For my part I have discontinued The Hindu
and subscribe to other papers and told the Hindu agent that I will not
subscribe here after for the same reason.In the same way I have not voted
for pseudo secularist politicians who pamper the minorities only to get
theior votes taking for granted that Hindus will vote them despite they
being called thieves etc.
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> Abhishek RK wrote on June 25, 2006:-
> I found this article quite interesting. Request comments from the members.
> "Escaping 'Hindu uncongenial India' to discover Hinduism in Britain"
> http://www.hinduvoice.co.uk/Issues/6/Escape.htm
> The article is excellent and brings out the current situation in our
> correctly. For many of our politicians and media 'secular' means only
> 'anti-Hindu'. The Muslim League has been given a berth in the 'secular'
> Union Govt, while the BJP is shunned as communal. One Union Minister whose
> name itself proclaims his Brahmin origin, takes pride in calling himself
> atheist. But according to a newspaper report some time ago, during a visit
> to a Muslim country, while replying to a questioner he said that only
> knows the answer. His atheism does not deny Allah; it denies only
> Krishna, Rama, etc.
> A newspaper in Chennai, founded 150 years ago by erudite Brahmins steeped
> our cultural, religious and spiritual tradition is now in the hands of
> so-called secularists. The state governments competed with one another to
> ban the Da Vinci code film, but they are supremely unconcerned about
> M.F.Hussein painting Hindu goddesses in the nude because freedom of
> expression cannot be curtailed. But Hinduism is a mighty tree which cannot
> be shaken by these pygmies. It has withstood many onslaughts and will
> continue to do so. Fortunately the number of scholars learned in our
> scriptures is increasing day by day and they are doing a magnificent job
> disseminating this ancient knowledge. More and more people are listening
> them and studying the scriptures and acquiring knowledge about our ancient
> tradition, not only in this country but even abroad.
> S.N.Sastri
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