[Advaita-l] Re: With reference to Prapancasara

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 3 22:05:40 CDT 2006

> > With reference to the mail by Ramesh Krishnamurthy,he has written that 
> > Prapancasara is written by Sankara.But it is said to have been by Adi
> > Sesha and was traslated into English by Suryanarayana sastry.It is only
> > available in libraries.
> >
>Thanks a lot, Srikanta-ji. I understand that the prapa~ncasAra has a
>role in certain upAsanA-s practised at shR~NgerI and other maTha-s.
>Could you throw some light on the same?

There is another text called prapancasAra, beginning with the verse 
a-ka-ca-Ta-ta-pa-yAdi saptabhir varNavargaiH ..., that is found in 
collections of Sankara's works, e.g. the 1910-1912 edition from Vani Vilas 
Press, Srirangam, rearranged and reprinted in 10 volumes by Samata Books, 
published under the guidance of the Sringeri matha pundits. Ramesh, I'm sure 
you can find a volume at the Samata Books store in Chennai. If I remember 
right, they have a website too.

One verse from this prapancasAra is quoted by amalAnanda, in his kalpataru 
commentary on vAcaspati miSra's bhAmatI, and attributed to bhagavatpAda, so 
the attribution of this text to Sankara has a very old history.


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