[Advaita-l] The discussion on the distinction between Karmakhanda and Jnanakhanda

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 7 12:34:46 CDT 2006

Nmaste Shrikant-Ji:
  Is that what he says or is that our understanding what he might be saying? Or is there something that I am missing !?

  If one accepts that purification and the process there of is not possible then all the vedanta has absolute no value.
  IMHO- It is the recognition of avidyaa, that it is avidyaa can only help us recognize the significance from the mahavaakyaa's.
  Dr. Yadu
srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:
  In the work"Naishkarmyasiddhi"of Sureshwaracharya,he explains that the
Karmas cannot remove nescience(avidya).He emphatically and elaborately
discusses and concurs with Sankara how the karmas cannot remove
nescience.Not only that, he analyses in depth the meaning of the
Mahavakyas like "Tattvamasi'and "Aham Brahmasmi"and explains how the two
different words like"Tat" and "tvam","Aham" and "Brama"can be connected by
the "Samanyadhikarana"(syntactic apposition)
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