[Advaita-l] Karma and Reincarnation - Birth as a Brahmin

Anbu sivam2 anbesivam2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 13:42:42 CDT 2006

Dear Sri Sadananda,

My wife has the following question.  Could you pl. help her.


Dear Sri Sadananda,

Many Pranaams to you.  I was reading a discussion thread  in
Kanchiforum.orgin which a person is saying that there is no scriptural
proof (either in
Sruthi or Smrithi) to the effect that poorva punya causes a person to be
born as a Brahmana or a Kshathriya or a Vaisya or Sudhra.  Even though it
was pointed that if it was not the case of a person's birth in a particular
varna would be an accident and not caused (by poorva punya).  Such accidents
are impermissible in the theory of cause and effect that constitute Karma
and reincarnation.  However that gentleman seem to be insisting on proof
from the scriptures.  The only person with a ocean of knowledge that I could
turn to is you.  Could you please help me.

Pranaams again,

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